The Phone Call !

It has been a year since I have had a chance to really sit down and type any words onto this site.  I feel real sorry for that.  But a lot has been happening in my life since then.  We have family medical problems that are too numerous to really get into.  Let’s just say that it has been a challenge.  I am still keeping the homestead running, while my wife has returned to her childhood home to take care of her mother.  It is a strain on both of us but it is working out o.k. for now..

The last article I wrote on here, I talked about the telephone.  My prayer was and still is that you have received the information in the Love of Christ  and that you are remembering.  Brothers, His line is never busy, I don’t care how many people call Him at the same time.  He has the ability to answer each and every one of them and supply us with what we need at that time.  You know that He is just sitting there waiting to talk to you.  He wants to talk with you.  That is one of the reasons that He created us….for relationship. 

How long has it been since you cleaned your house (heart)?  Is there trash laying around? (cigarettes, drugs, a broken marriage, )?  If so guess who can make it sparkling clean!  God can!  So pick up that phone and call Him (Prayer).  He wants to  help.

It is time that we really, finally, break down and clean our house (heart) and invite Him to come in and sup with us.  So Brothers and sisters, let’s go to our quiet place and get down on our knees and start talking to Him.  You may be surprised when He answers you.  Then read His Word to find His answer.  Study His Word and strive to show yourself worthy.  Remember we are in a race and we are to never quit (which we do a lot).  We are meant to be “Winners.”  not losers.  I pray that you will do this and let God help you.  Talk with Him.    You won’t be sorry.

Father I praise you for everything that you have done for all of us and what You will do in the future.  I pray that my brothers/sisters will keep calling on You.  I pray that You will show them the way, the way back to You.  I praise You that you allow “U-Turns.” Father, I want to walk with You the rest of my life. I ask all this Father in your son’s name, Jesus Christ.  Amen!!

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