Some Thoughts.

Greetings to everyone out there in cyber land.  This is your friend Silver Streak coming to you from the Oasis in the desert.  I have had to stop and feed the camels and rest a little.

I was listening to one of my favorite CD.s a little while ago when God spoke to me.    I really had to listen to understand what He was trying to tell me.

This happened to me a long time back and now I am thinking about it again. I told God that I would go anywhere, except that one place over there.  That is the first line in the song.  Well, what do you think God told me to do?  He said that He was sending me there.  How many times has God told you that He was going to send you somewhere and you said NO!!  I sat down and thought of every reason why it wouldn’t work out and I listed them on the page.  But He  said that there is nothing to it.  He said that He wouldn’t say do it it it couldn’t be done and they couldn’t be won.  AI know that sounds sort of like an argument that Job would have made. But it is also one that each of us makes at one time or another.  

So let me ask you, :How has god been talking to you?  Are you holding back from doing what He has told you to do.  Are you worried and dreading it.  Well, You will never know the blessings that will come until you just do it. Think about it and talk to Him and tell Him your fears and He will help you overcome them.  

Well,Silver Streak is going to sign off for now and start talking with Him.  God Bless.


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