Afternoon, to you from the Oasis along the road.  Silver Streak here behind the silver microphone.  My camels are enjoying having the day off and just relaxing.  I on the other hand have been busy trying to schedule a few things that I need to get done.

I have been wondering if anybody has had the same feelings as I have lately.  What does God do all day long.  Where is God. What does He look like?

Well, I picture God sitting up in Heaven on the Throne and just watching everybody all day long.  I mean there is nothing I do that He can’t see.  He is watching us all the time and keeping us in His sight.  I know that He is taking care of us both day and night.  He sees the evil and the good of the world i live in and I pray that He will find I am doing like I should.  Down on my knees and looking up to Him, every day.

Can you imagine if people saw Him today, walking around down here on earth.    I think most people would not even look at Him, dressed in the robe and sandals as He walks.  But when you get to know Him you know that the Sandals were just fooling you.  He is like no other, He is a Holy Man.

What name do you call Him?  Mary called him Jesus.  The angels called Him Jesus too.  Others call Him, Master, Redeemer, Savior, Wonderful counselor, provider, bright morning star, lily of the valley, Friend.

I call Him Lord.  I sometimes call Him Dad.  I try to see Him in everything that does on around me every day.  I lean on Him as much as He will let me.  Sometimes He says just go and do it, at other times He holds me close and says it is alright, son.


Leave me a comment and how you see God and talk with Him.  I will hold you in my prayers.


Silver Streak has left the tent.


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